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Two important public advisory meetings being held:

Wednesday 24th February – Gold Hill Baptist Church 7.30pm
Tuesday 1st March – CSP CofE Academy, Church Lane 7.30pm


Chalfont St Peter is now under a new wave of development pressure from Chiltern District Council - please make sure that you attend and stay informed.

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Our rural landscape is coming under sustained pressure as central government and developers are fording us to accept more and more development. And now it seems they want our green belt too!

The poor quality of design and the density of these schemes are generally led by financial gain. Our cash strapped District Council are not minded to preserve heritage or push for aesthetic standards and sympathetic styling within these applications. Clearly we cannot expect to receive sensitive schemes from these development corporations – we must fight for it or we stand a very real risk of losing the amenity and essence of what once made our village special.


SENSE4CSP is an action group for Chalfont St Peter formed to fight for appropriate development in Chalfont St Peter. It is a non profit making organisation run by volunteers and we rely entirely on donations and the hard work of a few individuals to continue our work.

Working together with our Parish Council and our residents we have a stand to fight insensitive planning applications and lack of representation from our District Council. We have had a few successes and some failures, but the fight continues.

We urge our residents to help us in any way that you can, whether by making a donation, helping us to deliver leaflets, writing representation letters to the planning department or by simply staying informed.


The new threat -Chiltern district council's new local plan

Chiltern District Council’s new Local Plan identifies substantial green belt sites in Chalfont St Peter for development.

Sense and the Parish Council are holding two joint public meetings to help you to find out what you can do.

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Holy cross legal action

Persimmon are clearing the site and destroying Chalfont St Peter's heritage, but we are still in court fighting for a sensible plan.

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SENSE4CSP and your Parish Council working in partnership for a better deal for Chalfont St Peter