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This is the beautiful countryside that CDC wants to turn into housing.

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SENSE4CSP continues to work for the community of Chalfont St Peter. It is a non profit making organisation run by volunteers and we rely on your donations to continue our work.
We do need funds to finance ongoing administration
and publicity costs. Donations can be made by clicking the donate tab to the top right of our website or by posting a cheque made payable to Sense4csp

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Following an ill-considered application for residential housing in 2005, SENSE4CSP in 2011 supported Audley Retirement's first development scheme for high quality retirement housing on the Epilepsy Centre site. Now that a further application by Audley Retirement for more homes has been submitted, SENSE4CSP has had to consider the pros and cons.
The quality of the proposed development and type of use falls very much in line with the wishes of the Parish Council, SENSE and the majority of its supporters; however the large increase of footprint raises some concerns.
We are minded to support in principle the additional development on the site, but with some provisos. Please read our representations to Chiltern District Council by clicking here.



As you may have read in the national press this morning, an initial victory on Holy Cross - potentially some better news for the village!
With all of our efforts to stop the development at Holy Cross having been somewhat frustrated, it is good to hear that our Parish Council has continued to fight for our beleaguered village.
On 10th April 2017, after civil legal proceedings lasting more than a year, Chalfont St Peter Parish Council has succeeded in gaining permission to proceed with claims against the Sisters of the Holy Cross, alleging that they committed a conspiracy to defraud by which they profited by more than £31 million.
For those that are new to the story, the claim arises from the highly contentious decision in August 2010 by Chiltern District Council to grant change of use from D2 educational to C1 residential planning consent to the Sisters of the Holy Cross for a wide scale residential development on the site of the former Holy Cross School, which is now underway. The current challenge alleges that the Sisters fraudulently conspired to misrepresent the historic use of the school playing fields in order to obtain that planning permission.   
With the planning consent secured, the Sisters went on to sell the site for in excess of £31 million.
Attempts by the Sisters to block the Parish Council’s claim proceeding to trial were rejected by the high court, which found that there was credible evidence supporting the Parish Council’s case concerning the quantity of playing fields and that this wasknown by the Sisters.
Currently the Sisters legal advisers’ position is that they will continue to defend their position.
It should be noted that it is too late to halt any development on the site. There is however the potential for the payment of damages arising from the fraud should it be proven at Court or settled beforehand.  This action is very much in the public interest, and Sense4CSP looks forward to, and will keep a strong eye on its continuance and conclusion.
Sense4CSP will keep you informed as more news comes to light, and will continue to support fully the Parish Council in this action.
Sense4CSP would like to send its heartfelt gratitude to those members of the Parish Council who have put in much hard work, determination and courage to this action so far.

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The historic Grange being destroyed 2016

The historic Grange being destroyed 2016

Our rural landscape is coming under sustained pressure as central government and developers are forcing us to accept more and more development. And now it seems they want our green belt too!

The poor quality of design and the density of these schemes are generally led by financial gain. Our cash strapped District Council are not minded to preserve heritage or push for aesthetic standards and sympathetic styling within these applications. Clearly we cannot expect to receive sensitive schemes from these development corporations – we must fight for it or we stand a very real risk of losing the amenity and essence of what once made our village special.


SENSE4CSP is an action group for Chalfont St Peter formed to fight for appropriate development in Chalfont St Peter. It is a non profit making organisation run by volunteers and we rely entirely on donations and the hard work of a few individuals to continue our work.

Working together with our Parish Council and our residents we have made a stand to fight insensitive planning applications and lack of representation from our District Council. We have had a few successes and some failures, but the fight continues.

We urge our residents to help us in any way that you can, whether by making a donation, helping us to deliver leaflets, writing representation letters to the planning department or by simply staying informed.



SENSE4CSP and your Parish Council working in partnership for a better deal for Chalfont St Peter