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This is the beautiful countryside that CDC wants to turn into housing.

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Click here to download the Sense4CSP Local Plan response (3rd July 2019)

Click here to download the Sense4CSP MSA service station response (18th August 2019)

Click here to download the Sense4CSP Local Plan Aide Memoir (3rd July 2019)


The planning application for the new potential motorway service area (“MSA”) at Chalfont St Peter has been lodged with Chiltern District Council (“CDC”) by the developer under application number PL/19/2260/OA. It can be viewed on the CDC planning website here.

A map of the proposed MSA is set out below.  The red bounded area shows the MSA development, and the green edged area shows further land under the “control” of the developer – and no doubt ear-marked for future development.  All the land is within the Green Belt.
SENSE believes that residents will wish to object to this application.  It is in the Green Belt and within the Colne Valley Park.  It seems to us that the developer has not in any way proved the need for a MSA in this location or at all particularly given there is a motorway service area at Beaconsfield approximately 6 miles away and which although situated on the M40 can easily be reached from junction 15 of the M25.
The proposed MSA development comprises:

  1. 18 islands – 36 filling stations/3 for HGV

  2. 200 HGV parking spaces

  3. 1030 car parking spaces

  4. 22 motorcycle spaces

  5. 22 caravan spaces

  6. 18 coach spaces

  7. 100 bed hotel

  8. 7800 sqm facility block

A number of contributions are available to be viewed on the CDC planning website and it is worth noting there are 2 or 3 transparent letters of support for the application from residents living near Kings Langley which is the alternative proposed site for a motorway service area. The Colne Valley Park Community Interest Company has registered its own objections which can be viewed here.

Residents are urged to object to this application which can be done via the website here or by email to or by post to Chiltern District Council at King George V Road, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 5AW.

Comments should be submitted by 22 August 2019.

In making objections, you might like to consider the following points:

1. The developer’s assessment of need has not demonstrated that there is the need for a motorway service area in this location. DofT guidelines recommending a distance of no less than 28 miles between serviced stations date back to 2013 and are based primarily on drivers’ safety by managing risk from fatigue. Developments in vehicle technology are rapidly making this factor obsolete.

2. The site is in the Colne Valley Regional Park and in the Green Belt. The developer needs to show exceptional circumstances in order to allow such development and it has singly failed to do that. There is no justifiable reason for the loss of Green Belt for this development.

3. In particular, if this development were to be allowed, it would put a significant hole in the Green Belt and given that it has no defensible boundaries would lead inexorably to further erosion thus allowing the settlements of Chalfont St Peter, Horn Hill, West Hyde and Maple Cross to merge into one. This is a direct contravention of the purposes of the Green Belt.

4. The developer already “controls” further land between the MSA immediate area and West Hyde Lane and Denham Lane (edged in green on the plan) which puts this Green Belt land under immediate development threat. This would be contrary to the Chalfont St Peter Neighbourhood Plan, the emerging Local Plan and lead to more unwarranted development in Chalfont St Peter – and even more loss of Green Belt.

5. The development would cause significant impact and loss of amenity in relation to the landscape and countryside, also loss of footpaths and the loss of productive agricultural land. In addition, there would be significant environmental damage with the loss of habitat for wildlife and biodiversity, and potential loss of ancient woodland at Bloom Wood and Middle Wood.

6. The developer has not demonstrated any defensible Green Belt boundary should the site be removed from the Green Belt.

7. The developer has not provided for sufficient mitigation given that the site is not large enough to allow this and there is no long term certainty of delivery for the proposed mitigation plan which will inevitably lead to further erosion and loss of Green Belt.8. The provision for employee travel to the MSA is unrealistic and flawed – it includes incentives for walk/cycle to work for 425 employees but provides only 20 cycle spaces where the only non-vehicular access route is via Denham Lane which is often congested and a significant hill climb from the village (which also obviously does not have enough parking spaces). This would mean that driving short cuts are more likely with potentially parking on Denham Lane and walking across the fields which is already over congested and dangerous during school hours. There is also the likelihood that this route across the fields will be turned into a full access road putting more traffic on Denham Lane and the rest of Chalfont St Peter which it cannot support.

9. The developer has not demonstrated how this proposed MSA meets the sustainability tests for new development.

10. The developer has not shown how it will avoid additional congestion on an already highly congested section of the motorway caused by motorists slowing down to enter/exit the MSA.

11. The developer has failed to explain how it can achieve carbon neutrality or even make a positive contribution to carbon dioxide reduction.

12. The MSA will itself lead to significantly increased pollution in the immediate and wider area.

SENSE will be objecting to the application and will post its objections on this website in due course.

Other stakeholders, including Chalfont St Peter Parish Council and the Colne Valley Park Community Interest Company will also be lodging objections.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The SENSE4CSP Committee


6th July 2019

Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan Consultation – Further Action required

Thank you to the 180+ people who attended the public open meeting on 26 June at Chalfont St Peter Community Centre. Even if you didn’t attend, we urge you to respond to the Local Plan consultation.
As discussed, the mechanism provided to respond to the Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan is challenging. However, contrary to our original understanding, we have been informed that responses can be made via letter or email. We have been advised that a petition is not appropriate at this point in the process as it will not be considered as a response to the consultation.

The four methods submitting a response are:

  • Letter or email addressed to Planning Policy Team, King George V House, Amersham. HP6 5AW or It’s vital that you include your name and address. Names are not published on the CDC’s website.

*We have converted the official PDF response form into Word format to help you complete and send your response electronically. This is available on the SENSE4CSP website (HERE). We recommend you respond using this form either manually or electronically, but if this is a challenge, you can post a letter or email your response to the address at bullet point four above.

As promised, the SENSE draft response is now available on the SENSE4CSP website (HERE). The committee are still working on the full text of the final draft, but the basic content should will remain the same. You are free to use the information to assist framing your response, however simply copying and pasting the text isn’t advisable, as we have been informed that this will count as a single response.

To assist you further, an aide memoir has been prepared giving suggested items you may wish to include and expand on (HERE). It isn’t necessary to write comments on all points; however we urge you to include that the Local Plan is unsound and not legally compliant. We also recommend that you include the statements at the final two bullet points. We hope that you will frame your response in your own words as multiple copied responses will be ineffective.

A summary of the Chalfont St Peter Parish Council’s response will be available shortly. We suggest you check their website in approximately two weeks if you wish to include additional points raised in their planning consultant’s report.

Access to the slides presented at the public meeting can be found (HERE). The text used to comment on the two sites can be found (HERE)

It is vital that as many CSP residents as possible respond to the consultation as the number of respondents will indicate to the inspector the strength of feeling towards the unsoundness and illegality of the Local Plan. Every individual within a household can send a response and we urge them to do so, even if their response only consists of a few points in their own words.

We trust the information provided will be useful when compiling your individual response and hopefully we have made the process as easy as possible. Please encourage your friends, neighbours and family to respond to the consultation.

Closing Date for receipt of responses – midnight 23rd August 2019

Development sites 4web.jpg

May 2019


The PACCAR Scout Camp (which is open to all official youth organisations not just The Scouts)  provides outdoor facilities for 50,000 children a year many of whom come from deprived areas. It is only one of 12 similar facilities in the UK and has been in Chalfont St Peter since the 1930s.  It allows Children to experience the wonder of camping in the outdoors giving them experiences they often remOFFICIAL REPORT PROVES THAT DECISIONS BY CHILTERN DISTRICT COUNCIL TO DEVELOP THE NEIGHBOURING SITE WOULD RESULT IN THE NATIONALLY CHERISHED PACCAR SCOUT CAMP’S CLOSURE

The PACCAR Scout Camp (which is open to all official youth organisations not just The Scouts)  provides outdoor facilities for 50,000 children a year many of whom come from deprived areas. It is only one of 12 similar facilities in the UK and has been in Chalfont St Peter since the 1930s.  It allows Children to experience the wonder of camping in the outdoors giving them experiences they often remember for the rest of their lives.  

The many organisations who use the site, locals who know it as well and MP Cheryl Gillan have all stated that  they do not want the facility to be negatively affected and have raised their concerns with CDC officers. The issue has also attracted interest in Westminster from MPs in other areas of the UK who constituents use the facility.  .      

CDC Officers have never doubted the value of the PACCAR facility and they have openly stated that they do not want it to be affected by development. However despite the best efforts of the volunteers who work at the camp,  CDC officers have not accepted that the site would be harmed by the development that they propose. 

CDC Officers have stated that their decisions are all evidence based and have asked the Scouts to prove that the facility would be affected. The attached report does just that, in fact the evidence obtained by the consultants shows a picture more extreme that the Scouts had forecast. The conclusion is clear. If the development goes ahead this precious facility of National importance will be lost.  The report runs to many pages but the executive summary at the front reaches a very clear conclusion 

"if the land under Option 8 were to be released from the Green Belt it would result in the closure of PACCAR Scout Camp" 

Click here to view the report


Following an ill-considered application for residential housing in 2005, SENSE4CSP in 2011 supported Audley Retirement's first development scheme for high quality retirement housing on the Epilepsy Centre site. Now that a further application by Audley Retirement for more homes has been submitted, SENSE4CSP has had to consider the pros and cons.
The quality of the proposed development and type of use falls very much in line with the wishes of the Parish Council, SENSE and the majority of its supporters; however the large increase of footprint raises some concerns.
We are minded to support in principle the additional development on the site, but with some provisos. Please read our representations to Chiltern District Council by clicking here.

The historic Grange being destroyed 2016

The historic Grange being destroyed 2016

Our rural landscape is coming under sustained pressure as central government and developers are forcing us to accept more and more development. And now it seems they want our green belt too!

The poor quality of design and the density of these schemes are generally led by financial gain. Our cash strapped District Council are not minded to preserve heritage or push for aesthetic standards and sympathetic styling within these applications. Clearly we cannot expect to receive sensitive schemes from these development corporations – we must fight for it or we stand a very real risk of losing the amenity and essence of what once made our village special.


SENSE4CSP is an action group for Chalfont St Peter formed to fight for appropriate development in Chalfont St Peter. It is a non profit making organisation run by volunteers and we rely entirely on donations and the hard work of a few individuals to continue our work.

Working together with our Parish Council and our residents we have made a stand to fight insensitive planning applications and lack of representation from our District Council. We have had a few successes and some failures, but the fight continues.

We urge our residents to help us in any way that you can, whether by making a donation, helping us to deliver leaflets, writing representation letters to the planning department or by simply staying informed.



SENSE4CSP and your Parish Council working in partnership for a better deal for Chalfont St Peter